I’m a 39 year old mother of 3, wife to an amazing, yet sometimes rage inducing husband for 18 years. I am a paramedic with PTSD and I have no idea what I want to be when I grow  up 🙊

I love to cook, clean (I know..puke right), but honestly I do love it…ok it’s because I’m OCD about it..but whatever, don’t judge 👩‍⚖️.  I have 2 dogs who are just like my kids (only difference is..I encourage the dogs to eat off of the floor).

I am a middle class Canadian (woohoo!! BEST country in the world eh!), who struggles with everyday life.  I am NOT perfect..I’m so far from it I can’t even see it in my rear view mirror, but I’m told it exists somewhere 😉 But everyday I try and do better than yesterday…ok no I don’t..sometimes I Don’t get dressed and I’m a complete raging bitch..but it’s all about balance.

This is a place for me to be me, and you do you Boo! There is no judgement about flabby thighs or the fact that you hid in the bathroom to eat a chocolate bar so your kids wouldn’t ask for a piece. I am not a 10..I’ve got wrinkles, flab, huge pores and a mortgage..but let’s be perfectly imperfect together.