Here We Go…

Hi everyone!

After months of thinking about starting a blog, I decided what the hell! Maybe millions of people will want to read about my ever so boring life punctuated by the occasional trip to Sephora or (and much, MUCH more likely), no one will give a shit except for me..but I’m gonna do it anyway..cause I’m like that..tough and all 😂

I am a 39 year old wife and mother to 3 (2 step children who are fanfuckingtastic adults, I must say) and a biological son who’s getting ready to graduate high school and leave his poor old mom alone…can you tell I’m going to have empty nest syndrome SOB????  I have been a practicing paramedic for 19 years and was diagnosed 3 years ago with PTSD following a horrendous incident that I’ll delve into another time.

I LOVE makeup 💄 💄…really it’s an addiction but I downplay it to my hubby and everyone else….do they have a rehab centre for foundation junkies?? If so, “they’ll never take me alive!! Ha ha ha

But seriously..ok maybe not seriously but you know what I mean…makeup is something that I love and I love to share with others. So this blog will just be me sharing new product finds, tips and tricks and on and on. But not just for makeup…I want a place where we can share about life (which is super fucking hard sometimes), trying to be healthy…evened out with some recipes for treats…cause lets face it, no one like to eat lettuce 365 days a year! Can I get an AMEN?! I’ll share my struggles living with PTSD and a house with too much testosterone in it

a quick little side note…I swear like a drunken sailor so if you aren’t in to finding creative ways to use the word “fucktard”, this might not be the right place for you..


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